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Up to 52 cups of coffee (0,25€/cup)*.

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Ethiopian specialty coffee from small family producers from Sidama region.

This is a heirloom varietal with a washed wet milling process and aerobic fermentation.

After tasting we find a fruity coffee, highlighting flavors of jasmine, apricot and grapefruit We will appreciate a buttery texture and a medium intensity.

Family exporter from Ethiopia
Small local producers (Sidama, Ethiopia)




Furla is produced by a family exporter from the Sidama coffee growing region in Ethiopia, the history of this family exporter started with two brothers producing coffee in the area of Bensa, Sidamo, today they own their own farms and work together with affiliated farmers, they work with coffees from all coffee regions of different grades, from the most conventional to the most special, the company is still family owned and has more than 20 years of experience.

The Sidama coffee region has 19 coffee growing districts with a population of 3.2 million inhabitants and a surface area of 12,000 km. These districts are home to more than 90,000 families that cultivate approximately 8,000 hectares of Arabica coffee of the 74158, 74110 and 74112 varietals. Sidama ranks 1st as the country’s coffee growing region with a production of 22.05% of the country’s total production.





Up to 52 coffee cups (0,25€/cup)*

*Calculate with Moka pot for 2 cups.

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