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Up to 52 cups of coffee (0,24€/cup)*.

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Iconos y texto que describen las diferentes propiedades del café de especialidad Ikivugutu.



Specialty coffee from Rwanda, sourced from small producers in the Gakenke coffee-growing region.

It is a red bourbon varietal with a natural wet milling process.

After tasting we find a fruity coffee, highlighting flavors of grapefruit and black cherry. We will appreciate a creamy texture and a medium-full intensity.


Family exporter from Gakenke

Small local producers (Gakenke, Rwanda)


Productor de café dejando caer granos de café verde secos sobre la cama de secado africana.

Ikivuguto is produced by a family exporter in the Nyamasheke coffee-growing region of Rwanda.

This group of small coffee producers leverages the collaborative economy to deliver their coffees directly to roasters. They are focused on cup quality, environmental and economic sustainability and transparency in the supply chain. They achieve this by working vertically from the farm to the roaster as a single team. They aim to produce sustainable coffee and high quality micro-lots. Also fair prices for coffee growers that improve their quality of life and that of their families by adding value to the roasters through transparency and teamwork.


Ruleta de sabores de café de especialidad, destacando los característicos del café Ikivugutu de Ruanda.

Up to 52 coffee cups (0,24€/cup)*

*Calculated with Moka pot for 2 cups.

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