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Abyssinia | Ethiopia

Abyssinia | Ethiopia

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Ethiopian specialty coffee from small producers in the Guji region.

It is a heirloom varietal with a wet mill from a natural process and aerobic fermentation.

After the tasting we find a fruity coffee, highlighting flavors of berries and berries. We will appreciate a creamy texture and medium intensity.

Produced by a cooperative of coffee farmers in the Guji region

Abyssinia comes from the Guji coffee region and is produced by a family exporter who works with different producers in the region.
This family exporter has a long history of placing great emphasis on the tasting of their lots to maintain the consistency they want to give to their customers and building a solid family relationship with producers and customers.

Up to 52 cups of coffee (€0.24/cup)*

Calculated with a 2-cup Italian coffee maker.

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