Specialty capsules

Meet our 100% sustainable and bio-based specialty coffee capsules made from recycled wood.

We have selected some of our favorite specialty coffees to encapsulate them. In this way, coffee capsule lovers can also enjoy a coffee from a sustainable value chain and above all, of high quality like our single origins.

Our capsules

The wood used for our coffee capsules comes from sustainable sources, PEFC-certified forests in southern Germany. Wood fibers from waste products such as sawdust are used.

The coffee capsule has a 100% bio-based carbon content and contains no fossil plastics.


Product 100% bio-based
Reduced CO2 emissions

Our varieties

Yunumu | Nicaragua (14 capsules)

9,50 27,00  Tax included

Añas Blues | Peru (14 capsules)

9,50 27,00  Tax included

Other products

Furla | Ethiopia

13,00 47,00  Tax included

Golden Huila | Colombia

11,00 40,00  Tax included

Single Origin | Monthly

From: 13,00  Tax included / month
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