About us?

We are a family business run by our founders, determined to share our passion for the coffee industry. At HeyMyCoffee, we prioritize product quality to create a coffee community where everyone is welcome. As a key part of our mission, we only partner with companies that share our values ​​and the highest quality standards.

  • Visión

    Create a sustainable value chain in the coffee sector that respects all interested parties, bringing the origin of the product closer to the final consumer.

  • Mission

    Promote specialty coffee by facilitating access to direct trade coffee and total transparency of the production, roasting and extraction processes.

  • Values

    Excellence – Passion – Sustainability – Transparency

  • Lorena González


    Extensive experience in the international hospitality and consulting sector.
    Training as a barista and roaster.

  • Jorge González


    Vast experience in the industrial food sector and in project management.
    Training in engineering and digital business.