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Botero | Colombia

Botero | Colombia

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Colombian specialty coffee produced by producer Andrés F. Botero on the Hacienda La Mesa estate, located in the Caldas region of Colombia.

It is a castle varietal with a wet mill from the washed process and aerobic fermentation.

After the tasting we found a chocolatey coffee, highlighting flavors of nuts, milk chocolate and tangerine. We will appreciate a balanced body and acidity.

Produced by Andrés F. Botero at the estate Hacienda la Mesa

In the mountains of Palestine, Caldas, 4 generations of the Botero family have dedicated their lives to coffee growing . Since 1930, they have operated as a family farm in the Colombian Coffee Region.

They direct their production towards regenerative coffee farming , producing honest coffee with sustainable, innovative practices that ensure product traceability . They do not use chemical pesticides on their crops to protect the biodiversity and health of the soil. Their estates have Fairtrade, 4C & RainForest Alliance certification.

Up to 52 cups of coffee (€0.23/cup)*

Calculated with a 2-cup Italian coffee maker.

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