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Coffcak | Indonesia

Coffcak | Indonesia

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Indonesian specialty coffee produced by members of a family-owned exporter in the Central Sumatra Aceh region of Indonesia.

It is a catimor-caturra-typica varietal with a wet processing process washed and aerobic fermentation.

After the tasting we find a spicy coffee, highlighting flavors of stone fruit, citrus and cane sugar. We will appreciate a medium-full body with creamy touch and medium acidity.

Produced by family exporter from Central Sumatra Aceh

Coffcak is produced by a family of exporters from the Sumatra – Central Aceh coffee growing region in Indonesia. This is a women-led exporter located in northern Sumatra, in the coffee-growing region of Central Aceh, specifically the coffees grow between Tengah and Bener Meriah. The exporter has more than 25 years of experience in coffee production. Beyond producing and marketing premium coffee, it celebrates its value in promoting women and the younger generation of producers in the coffee business .

Up to 52 cups of coffee (€0.23/cup)*

Calculated with a 2-cup Italian coffee maker.

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