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Escandia | Colombia

Escandia | Colombia

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Colombian specialty coffee produced by producer Javier Ardila on the Escandia coffee estate, located in the Santa Marta region of Colombia.

It is a castillo varietal with a wet mill from the washed process and aerobic fermentation.

After the tasting we found a chocolatey coffee, highlighting flavors of honey, dark chocolate and walnut. We will appreciate a medium body, acidity and sweetness.

Produced by Javier Ardila at the Escandia coffee estate

Javier is an ambitious farmer. He spent some time in Canada working in construction to save money before returning to Colombia to share what he learned with the rest of the community and develop the Ecolsierra Network.
His dream is to be able to travel more and see the world. see the world and be able to return to take care of his farm.

"You have to make coffee with passion! Live for it and have a good time doing it. The world is too big and beautiful to do what you do without fire.
I learned this in Canada it was a completely different world than in Colombia. There was more money there, but the nature and climate are luxuries you could only dream of abroad."

Up to 52 cups of coffee (€0.23/cup)*

Calculated with a 2-cup Italian coffee maker.

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