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Sirius | Ethiopia

Sirius | Ethiopia

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Ethiopian specialty coffee produced by the Dukamo family on the Shantawene estate in the Sidama region.

It is a heirloom varietal with a natural process wet mill.

After the tasting we find a fruity coffee, highlighting flavors of orange and musk sugar. We will appreciate a medium body with a creamy texture and medium acidity.

Produced by the Dukamo family on the Shantawene farm

The story of this family began with two coffee-growing brothers Asefa and Mulugeta Dukamo , from the Bensa-Sidama area. The brothers helped their parents and their neighbors with coffee cultivation and were determined to work in coffee growing to show the potential of the coffees of their country and their region. Today , after more than 15 years, they have developed a company that is still family-owned and that occupies a very important place in the production, harvesting and export of Sidama coffee. Currently , the Dukamo Family manages 3 farms, 42 washing stations, 6 dry mills and has more than 2,500 farmers who follow good coffee growing practices , ensuring sustainability and traceability . The Daye Bensa Estate and Shantawene Wet Mill is where our batches come from . The farm and mill are located in the Sidama coffee region, 10 km from the city of Daye in Ethiopia in the middle of natural forests and native trees that are more than 200 years old . The coffees grow under the native shade of the trees on the farm and at an altitude between 2,100 and 2,210 meters above sea level. The work on the farms is mostly carried out by local residents, and supervised by members of the Dukamo family who have inherited the same passion as their parents for coffee growing and have been trained to join the family business.

Up to 52 cups of coffee (€0.26/cup)*

Calculated with a 2-cup Italian coffee maker.

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