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Sulafat ANE | The Savior

Sulafat ANE | The Savior

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Specialty coffee from El Salvador produced by the Mena brothers in the Villa España factory in the Apanema Ilamatepec coffee-growing region.

This is a bourbon varietal with a wet mill from a natural process.

After the tasting we find a fruity coffee, highlighting flavors of nectarine, berries and apricot. We will appreciate a creamy texture and medium intensity.

Produced by the Mena brothers in the fine Villa España

About the producer

Jorge, Alfredo and Víctor Mena are the sixth generation of coffee growers in their family. They are in charge of managing the Villa España farm, located in the coffee-growing municipality of Concepción de Ataco. The three brothers had great references from whom to learn about the crop. of coffee, his great-great-grandfathers who had a dry mill that worked with steam, after drying the coffee was threshed and shaken. The Mena family has always invested in changes and improvements on their farms. Currently Jorge , 32 years old, is in charge of the administrative and commercial processes of the farms, he controls and manages the personnel and the marketing of the family's coffees in the United States, in addition to coordinating the logistical, legal and administrative procedures for all exports, including those from Europe. Alfredo , 31 years old, is in charge of the farms and everything related to coffee production. Coordinates the field work, from the nurseries, through planting and fertilization to the harvesting of the fruits. Alfredo is in charge of planning all the work on the farm to achieve good production and quality of coffee, additionally he also manages the relationships with other producers in the region to exchange knowledge and best practices in production. Víctor, 29 years old, is in charge of preparing budgets and prioritizing the investments to be made both on the farms and in the coffee processing. Their analyzes help make decisions that add value in different aspects of the chain, both on the farms and in processing and marketing, thus improving the company's productivity. The history of the farm dates back to the late 1800s when José Manuel Ariz emigrated from Galicia, -Spain- and began his journey to America, initially settling in Guatemala and later in El Salvador, starting coffee cultivation here. Villa España was one of the first coffee farms in the area, it had its own mill, which was operated by a series of machinery based on steam produced by boilers. This mill stopped operating around 1970, when the milling process was moved to another area with better qualities in operational terms, due to its abundant water and strategic location. The farm has evolved over the years, it has had its ups and downs in terms of volume, but over time actions have been taken to make production sustainable and diversified. Currently there is a garden of varieties that serves as a pilot test and that allows us to identify if the varieties that are planted will be suitable for the conditions that the farm presents. An organization has also been carried out and a planned planting strategy has been implemented to be able to replace the oldest and most affected coffee plantations with new varieties already acclimatized to the area. Its maximum height is 1450 meters above sea level and its climate does not exceed 25ºC. Apart from the agricultural sector, the farm has a high tourist potential since it is located in one of the most picturesque towns in the country, Ataco. The Villa España farm, managed by Víctor, Alfredo and Jorge Mena, has become the flagship farm of the family, it is where the specialty coffees are produced, given its optimal conditions for the production of high quality coffee.

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